P100 Half Mask Respirator

  • P100 half masks help you breathe easily and safely on the job
  • Protection for mold, lead paint, asbestos, silica dust, concrete and demolition projects
  • Unique cartridge design protects the filter
  • Professional series face piece for a comfortable and durable fit
  • Includes “Hygiene Guard” for clean storage and product protection
  • Size Large
  • Uses a P100 replacement filter


P100 Half Mask Respirator


The Half-Mask Respirator Kit with P100 Cartridges is perfect for job sites that involve mold, lead paint, asbestos, and demolition. You can provide your workers with the equipment they need to breathe safely on the job. The Half-Mask Respirator Kit contains two NIOSH approved P100 cartridges which provide 99.97% filtration efficiency against all airborne particulates, including oil mists and solids. The Half-Mask Respirator is low-maintenance since the only parts you need to replace are the cartridges. This P100 half mask features a professional series facepiece for optimal comfort and extended wear. The unique cartridge design protects the half mask respirator filter and has instant facial fit check.

Warning: Use must read and understand all warnings, limitations and fitting instructions included with the product. Failure to read and follow warnings and limitations may result in sickness or death. It is the user’s responsibility to determine the level of risk and the proper personal protection equipment needed because conditions of use are outside of our control.

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