Gerson Industrial P100 Respirator Kit Welding, Silica & Concrete Dust, Mold

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The Industrial P100 Kit by Gerson Co. is a reliable respiratory protection solution for industrial applications. Featuring a comfortable half-face respirator with a P100 filter, this kit effectively filters welding fumes, silica dust, concrete dust, and mold spores. The NIOSH-approved P100 filter captures 99.97% of particles, while the adjustable head straps and soft silicone face seal ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The kit includes replaceable P100 filters, filter retainer, and a storage bag, making it a comprehensive solution for workers in hazardous environments.

  • Soft silicone professional series facepiece provides improved comfort and greater durability
  • Easy to adjust, comfortable head strap assembly
  • Bonus Hygiene guard for clean storage and protection

Replacement mask for the P100 Silica Dust Respirator Kit.



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Gerson Industrial P100 Respirator Kit Welding, Silica & Concrete Dust, Mold


The Industrial P100 Kit is a comprehensive respiratory protection solution designed to safeguard workers against hazardous particles such as welding fumes, silica dust, concrete dust, and mold spores. This all-inclusive kit is engineered by Gerson Co., a trusted name in respiratory protection, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability.

The kit features a durable and comfortable half-face respirator with a P100 filter, offering high-efficiency particulate filtration. The P100 filter is NIOSH approved and provides superior protection by capturing 99.97% of airborne particles, including microscopic contaminants. This makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including welding, construction, masonry, and mold remediation.

To enhance user comfort, the half-face respirator is constructed with a soft silicone face seal, providing a secure fit and reducing pressure points during extended wear. The adjustable head straps and innovative exhalation valve contribute to a personalized and comfortable breathing experience. The low-profile design allows for unrestricted visibility, ensuring optimal safety and productivity on the job.

The Industrial P100 Kit includes additional essential accessories to enhance respiratory protection. It comprises replaceable P100 filters, allowing for extended use and cost-effectiveness. A storage bag is provided for convenient organization and transportation of the kit components.

When it comes to safeguarding workers from hazardous airborne contaminants, the Industrial P100 Kit from Gerson Co. stands out as a reliable and efficient solution. With its high-performance respirator, superior filtration capabilities, and essential accessories, this kit offers comprehensive protection for industrial environments where welding, silica dust, concrete dust, and mold are present.



Helps provide protection for certain particles found in welding at concentrations up to 10X the Permissible Exposure Lim its (PEL)

Silica and Concrete Dust

To reduce exposure to respirable crystalline silica dusts when used in accordance to OSHA Regulation 29 CFR 1926.1153.

Core Benefits:

  • NIOSH approved P100 cartridge provides 99.97% filtration efficiency against all airborne particulates, including oil mists and solids
  • Professional Series™ half mask provides more comfort and greater durability
  • Silicone facepiece is soft and comfortable
  • Head strap assembly is easy-to-adjust
  • Kit includes half mask respirator, (2) P100 respirator cartridges, and bonus
  • Replacement cartridges sold separately

Unit Includes:

1 x half mask respirator, 2 x P100 cartridges, 1 x bonus hygiene storage container

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Automotive, Home Care, Industrial, Janitorial, Pest Control


M (Medium), L (Large)


Single Respirator Kit, Case (12 respirator kits)



5 reviews for Gerson Industrial P100 Respirator Kit Welding, Silica & Concrete Dust, Mold

  1. Alex

    Keeps all the dust out during my construction work. Good buy!

  2. Emma S.

    I have severe allergies and this respirator has been a lifesaver. It filters out allergens effectively and allows me to work in different environments without any allergic reactions.

  3. John D.

    Great respirator! Comfortable and provides excellent protection during my welding tasks.

  4. Mike L.

    Great for mold exposure. Secure seal and easy to wear. Gets a bit warm but overall a great product!

  5. Thomas K.

    Reusable respirator with easy to change filters.

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