P100 Integra® 3/4 Respirator With Goggles

The compact, lightweight, and flexible design adapts and fits perfectly to your face to offer combined protection that reduces risks of non-compatibility, non-conformity, and mist build-up.

  • Low-profile respirator with built-in eye goggles and replaceable GVS P100 filters
  • Protection against particulate matter such as dust, mists, and toxic fumes
  • Offers maximum comfort for extended use
  • Non-slip, adjustable strap provides a secure fit
  • Exhalation valve that allows for easy breathing
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch lenses
  • P100 face mask comes with replaceable filters
  • Available in S/M and M/L


P100 Integra® 3/4 Respirator With Goggles


Tested and approved by NIOSH and ANSI, the P100 Face Mask System is a low-profile respirator with built-in eye goggles and is much more lightweight than comparable respirators on the market. Its compact, flexible design adapts and provides a dependable seal on a user’s face to prevent contaminants from entering the mask. The P100 3/4 Mask Respirator protects against mists and toxic fumes containing substances such as gypsum, marble, and soapstone and is also effective against harmful dust, including silica, coal, iron, and asbestos.

The respirator also offers maximum comfort so that the user can wear it for extended periods of time. Its durable construction is made with hypo-allergenic, odorless, FDA compatible and non-latex or silicone materials. The 3/4 P100 face mask is also constructed with a non-slip strap that can be easily adjusted to four positions for a secure fit, while the mask’s exhalation valve allows for easy breathing. The lens on the respirator’s built-in eye goggles is designed in polycarbonate and can withstand impacts according to ANSI Z87+. Likewise, the coating on the lens gives anti-fogging properties and exceeds the standard anti-scratch seen on the market to increase field vision.

  • NIOSH Approval number: TC84A-8119 P100, TC84A-8120 P100 nuisance
  • ANSI Z87+ Approved

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Single Mask, Case (5 masks)


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