Patriot Medical Devices

Our Mission

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted a significant hole in our nation’s defenses:  the reliance on overseas rivals for many of the products we depend on most.  It is critical to our public health and national security that we have domestic production of medical devices.  In pursuit of this ideal, we provide top-quality, American-made PPE and other medical supplies to our nation’s healthcare providers.

We also seek to rebuild America’s medical device supply chain.  America’s need for medical devices is at an all-time high.  Our current reliance on foreign PPE and other medical products to protect American citizens puts our supply chain and front-line workers at risk. We are striving to stabilize the medical device supply chain by weaning America off its dependence on foreign imports, while at the same time creating manufacturing jobs for our fellow countrymen. We are seizing the opportunity to bring autonomy back to American medical devices and supplies.

About Us

Patriot Medical Devices, LLC is a medical device manufacturer and seller based in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. We proudly manufacture and sell all of our products in the USA. 

Our team consists of highly motivated, experienced individuals with unique contributions to our business model. Our targeted skillsets consist of manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing, administrative organization, and project management. We are moving rapidly to efficiently meet the needs of the market. Our team is in the process of quickly becoming a major domestic player in the medical device manufacturing industry.