Why Buy American?

the value of american made

Rebuilding America’s Medical Supply Chain

The decision to buy American-made products extends beyond a simple purchase; it’s a commitment to quality and a stand for our nation’s manufacturing future. At Patriot Medical Devices, we are not just manufacturing and distributing medical and industrial supplies, we are revitalizing an industry that’s vital to our country’s health and security. Our dedication to American manufacturing is rooted in a rich heritage of quality and innovation.

Human Rights

Our commitment to human rights sets us apart in the global marketplace. By choosing American-made, you support a system that respects workers’ rights, enforces safe working conditions, and ensures fair wages. This ethical stance contrasts starkly with many overseas manufacturing practices, where worker exploitation is often overlooked. When you buy from Patriot Medical Devices, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re supporting a philosophy that values human dignity and fair labor standards.

Product Quality

Because of this lack of regulation in overseas factories, the quality and safety of the product isn’t guaranteed. We often see products being recalled for unsafe use and dangerous chemicals. Domestic manufacturing allows a company to be geographically closer to their facility, allowing them to implement safety and quality standards firsthand. From stringent material selection to detailed quality checks, we ensure that every product meets the highest standards of excellence. This commitment to quality means our products are not only reliable but also safer and more durable than many imported alternatives.

Jobs and Our Economy

Supporting American manufacturing means supporting American jobs. Every purchase of a Patriot Medical Device fuels the economy, creates employment opportunities, and contributes to the financial well-being of communities across the nation. Our manufacturing efforts have a ripple effect, bolstering local businesses and reinforcing the economic fabric of our country.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Our focus on local manufacturing significantly reduces the environmental impact associated with long-distance shipping. By buying American-made products, you contribute to a reduction in global emissions, fostering a healthier planet. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices extends beyond manufacturing, as we constantly seek ways to minimize our ecological footprint in every aspect of our operations.

American Businesses vs. American Made

At Patriot Medical Devices, we pride ourselves on genuine American manufacturing. While some companies may market themselves as ‘American-based,’ this can often be misleading. Patriot’s products are crafted on American soil, adhering to the strictest standards of American quality. This ensures that when you choose a Patriot product, you’re getting truly American-made excellence.

All Patriot Medical Devices branded products are proudly manufactured in the USA on American machines with American materials and labor.