P100 Elipse® Half Mask Respirator

With its compact and flexible design, the GVS Elipse molds to the shapes and contours of your face, while the sleek and considered design ensures an unobstructed line of sight for greater precision and accuracy when working.

  • Lightweight, low profile half-mask respirator with replaceable GVS P100 filters
  • Protection against particulate matter such as dust, mists, and toxic fumes
  • Designed to fit the contours of a user’s face comfortably
  • Firm seal to prevent fogging of safety glasses
  • Large valve makes it easier to breathe in than an N95 mask
  • Non-slip, adjustable strap provides a secure fit


P100 Elipse® Half Mask Respirator


Designed to fit the contours of the user’s face, the low profile, lightweight and reusable respirator offers maximum visibility without interfering with other eye or ear protections worn by the user. Its large central valve makes it easier to breathe than an N95 respirator by keeping moisture build-up inside the respirator mask to a minimum. The strong seal around the nose area works to prevent exhaled air from escaping and fogging safety glasses. The respirator is also constructed with a non-slip strap that can be easily adjusted into four positions to ensure a comfortable, secure fit that allows for safe use even in high humidity or wet conditions.

The P100 Half Mask Respirator protects against mists and toxic fumes containing substances such as gypsum, marble, and soapstone. The respirator is also effective against harmful dust, including silica, coal, iron, and asbestos. Suitable fields of applications for the mask range from everyday use like DIY projects to the more demanding environments of mining, steel mills, battery manufacturing, ship yards, and more.

  • NIOSH Approval number: P100 TC-84A-6949, P100 with nuisance odor TC-84A-6950
  • Met the requirements of 42CFR84 (Code of Federal Regulations)


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