ShuBee® Original Shoe Cover (100)

Designed specifically for service industry professionals. Prevents tracking dirt, dry debris in client’s homes and helps prevent cross contamination. Stronger than other disposable shoe covers on the market.

  • One size fits most
  • Breathable, cloth-like material
  • Dispenser boxes hold 50 pair/100 shoe covers
  • Cases contain 3 dispenser boxes for a total of 150 pair/300 shoe covers


Ships: 3-7 days after purchase

ShuBee® Original Shoe Cover (100)


These disposable shoe booties are perfect for keeping your boots from dirtying up your client’s clean, expensive floors.

ShuBee® Original Shoe covers, part of ShuBee’s® BeeWear® line, are available in Red, Black, Bright Green, Dark Green, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, White and Camo. Seems like a lot of options, but the reasoning is simple; stand out from your competition. If you plan on wearing disposable shoe covers to take ultimate care of someone’s home, make sure they take notice by using a bright color they can’t miss! You can even have your logo added if you wish to take branding to the next level!

ShuBee® created a dispenser box that holds all the boot covers in one convenient box that you can easily leave a the entry way or take with you and store easily in your home, at your door or in your vehicle.

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Dark Blue, Black, Dark Green, Red, Light Blue, Bright Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, White


Single Box, Case (3 boxes)


Home Care, Hospital and Urgent Care, Industrial, Janitorial, Laboratory and Technology, Pest Control



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