Luke V

Luke V

Navigating Economic Uncertainty with Domestic Manufacturing Suppliers

In times of uncertainty, there are many questions and concerns businesses have about how to navigate the turbulent waters of ensuring your employees have what they need to remain confident in their work. At Patriot medical devices, we aim to provide solutions to this uncertainty. Here we discuss economic recessions and protecting your supply chains with domestic manufacturing.

The Dangers of Offshoring PPE Manufacturing

The Dangers Of Offshoring PPE Manufacturing Patriot Medical Devices 04/20/2021 COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across all regions and countries alike over the last 14 months. This rapid spread has led to a detrimental impact on communities and daily lives of…

Disposable Face Masks vs. Cloth Face Masks

Disposable Face Mask vs. Cloth Face Mask: Which is Better? Patriot Medical Devices 10/15/2020 COVID-19 left us in need of masks on a scale like never before. Cloth face coverings were the creative and economic solution for many. Being washable…