Sensi-Wrap Self-Adherent Bandage Rolls

Dynarex Sensi-Wrap Self-Adherent Bandage Rolls are lightweight bandages, used in both human and veterinary markets, designed to provide effective compression to help prevent and treat a variety of injuries in both the human and veterinary markets. These high-quality Bandages provide optimal pressure to help reduce swelling and prevent fluids from accumulating at the injury site.

Rolls are 5 yards in length


Sensi-Wrap Self-Adherent Bandage Rolls


1″ x 5 yd: 30 rolls per case
2″ x 5 yd: 36 rolls per case
3″ x 5 yd: 24 rolls per case
4″ x 5 yd: 18 rolls per case
6″ x 5 yd: 12 rolls per case
Dynarex Sensi-Wrap Self-Adherent Bandage Rolls are premium compression bandages designed to help treat a wide range of conditions including edema, general soreness, and swelling of joints. These high-quality Bandages help to securely hold splints, gel sheeting, primary dressings, or elastomer molds in place to help promote the healing process. These convenient self-wrapping bandages hold securely without the need for clips or fasteners. Dynarex Sensi-Wrap Self-Adherent Bandage Rolls tear easily without scissors for time-saving application. Dynarex Sensi-Wrap Bandages are available in a variety of colors.
  • Designed with lightweight compression materials to help prevent and treat of a variety of injuries
  • Effectively maintains consistent compression without slipping to help reduce swelling
  • Flexible, self-adhering bandages fasten securely without sticking to hair, skin, or clothing
  • Non-woven, porous engineering allows skin to breathe to promote optimal healing
  • Tears easily without scissors for quick access in emergency situations
  • Available in multiple colors to suit a variety of tastes

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Emergency Services (EMS), Home Care, Hospital and Urgent Care, Medical Office, Tattoo


Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Tan, White


1 Inch, 2 Inch, 3 Inch, 4 Inch, 6 Inch


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