Crocodile Cloth Multipurpose Biodegradable Wipe (80)

These convenient biodegradable cleaning cloths make fast work of all kinds of messes around the house, garage or workplace. They remove grease, grime and dust from all surfaces, including counters, floors, carpets*, upholstery*, appliances, cabinets and more. Made in the USA and biodegradable.

*Safe on most fabrics, but color-test before use.


Ships: 1-3 days after purchase

Crocodile Cloth Multipurpose Biodegradable Wipe (80)


  • DON’T JUST CLEAN; ATTACK: Get serious heavy duty cleaning power in just one wipe; Attack the dirt & grime to get a real clean on your household messes across multiple surfaces; Our wipes stay moist longer & feature a super tough heavy-duty build.
  • VERSATILE, MULTI-SURFACE WIPE: Tackle any mess, any size, on any surface! Including carpets, floors, cabinets, stove tops, bathrooms and more.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE, MORE VALUE: The giant 15? x 10? Crocodile Cloth® cleaning wipes are designed to scrub & absorb, meaning you need less wipes to clean the same mess.
  • HAND & PLANET FRIENDLY: Crocodile Cloth® wipes are dermatologically tested & infused with aloe & vitamin E, making it safe for hands & skin. Additionally, each cloth is designed to be biodegradable – tough on dirt, easy on the planet.
  • NO MORE WIMPY WIPES: These oversized wipes aren’t just tough on messes, they’re incredibly strong & are no match for the competition. Crocodile Cloth® is designed to be over 4x more effective than the standard cleaning wipe & is proudly Made in the USA.

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Single Pack (80 wipes), Case (8 Packs)


Automotive, Elderly Care, Emergency Services (EMS), Food Services, Home Care, Industrial, Janitorial, Laboratory and Technology


Crocodile Cloth

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