Why is Manufacturing so Important - National Manufacturing Day

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Manufacturing companies contribute nearly $3 trillion annually to the U.S. economy, based on data from the first quarter of 2022. Without them, there would be no affordable goods, no direct-to-consumer distribution companies, and no local store to purchase goods you need in day-to-day activities. Without manufacturers, consumers would be responsible for sourcing or building anything they need to go about their daily life.

What is National Manufacturing Day?

Once a year, there is a day dedicated to celebrating and showing support for American manufacturing, the heart of American economic stability.

Manufacturing Day occurs on the first Friday of October, every year. It is organized by the Manufacturing Institute, the social impact arm of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). Their mission to promote modern manufacturing and accelerate growth and talent in the manufacturing industry.

“MFG Day is manufacturing’s biggest annual opportunity to inspire the next generation to start careers in modern manufacturing through a series of focused events to promote manufacturing to students, parents and educators on the first Friday of October continuing throughout the rest of the month.” – Manufacturing Institute

Manufacturing’s Impact on the U.S. Economy

Here are a few statistics that represent the value of manufacturing to the U.S. economy:

  1. For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, there is a total impact of $2.68 to the overall economy.
  2. The manufacturing sector employed 12.85 million workers in August 2022.
  3. Manufacturing employees earned $92,832 on average in 2020, including pay and benefits.
  4. U.S. manufactured goods exports totaled nearly $1.2 trillion in 2020.
  5. Manufacturing in the U.S. would be the eighth-largest economy in the world.
  6. Foreign direct investment in U.S. manufacturing reached nearly $1.9 trillion in 2020.

How We Play Our Part

Patriot Medical Devices is one of Missouri’s leading medical product manufacturer and distributor. Patriot fights the constant uphill battle of converting American consumers to exclusively domestic manufacturing. Missouri has provided a safe haven for a functional, supportive environment for manufacturing making it a home to almost 7,000 manufacturers and employer of almost 400,000 people. In the last year, Missouri has gained 2,000 manufacturing jobs. Patriot has played it part in supporting the people of Missouri by creating medical manufacturing jobs, and supplying our frontline workers with the highest quality medical products.

Manufacturing is one of Missouri’s top industries providing tens of thousands of people with quality jobs. Manufacturing Day is an initiative and a nationally recognized day to celebrate and promote your local factories. Whether you are a consumer, retailer or business, you can help raise awareness for the need to support your local manufacturer by buying local, domestic products.

Patriot Medical Devices thanks you for your communities continued support of American-made medical products.

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