Veteran is First Factory Worker Hired by PPE Manufacturer Patriot Medical Devices

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MISSOURIPatriot Medical Devices, LLC of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, proudly selected a veteran as its first factory worker hire. Patriot quickly followed with a second veteran hire, and is looking for more veterans to join the company. “Veterans put their lives on the line to protect the liberties all Americans enjoy, and we are humbled by the opportunity to thank them in a small way through job opportunities” said Patriot’s president, Tyler Needham.

Patriot was formed to help America rebuild its medical supply chain, after the company’s founders observed the strategic error the U.S. made by shipping manufacturing overseas for its PPE and other critical medical supplies, such as antibiotics and other medicines. Supply shortages, quality issues, and fraud in the supply chain during the pandemic nearly crippled the U.S. healthcare system, hindered the ability of American healthcare workers and first responders to effectively serve and protect the public, and put American lives at risk. Patriot is not only returning PPE manufacturing back to America, but it is also working to improve manufacturing techniques, advance technology, and bring all components of the supply chain back to the United States, with an emphasis on locating those supply chain components in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, thereby creating local jobs and stimulating the local, state and national economies.

Patriot Medical opened its state-of-the-art factory in Cape Girardeau in August and is now manufacturing 3-ply disposable face masks in Missouri with American-made materials. Mask customers include hospitals, doctors, dentists, first responders, schools, governmental agencies, businesses, churches and individuals. Patriot plans to manufacture additional PPE, with N95 masks being next on its list. You can learn more about Patriot Medical Devices by visiting their website at or following them on Instagram at