New Missour PPE Manufacturer Supplies Masks to the State for November Election

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MISSOURIPatriot Medical Devices, LLC of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, has been requested by the Missouri Secretary of State to provide 25,000 masks for polling locations throughout the State of Missouri for the upcoming November election.  Secretary Jay Ashcroft will make Patriot’s masks available to the state’s nearly 3,000 polling locations.  These masks are part of the State of Missouri’s effort to provide safe in-person voting and reduce the spread of COVID-19 during the election process.  “Voter and poll worker safety are very important to the State of Missouri, and we are pleased to protect Missouri citizens by ordering masks from a company such as Patriot Medical Devices that is both providing vital PPE and bringing new manufacturing jobs to Missouri,” said Secretary Ashcroft.  The masks were shipped to the state last week and will be distributed to polling locations prior to the election.  “We are proud to provide our masks to our home state and to be a part of ensuring safe elections here in Missouri,” said Patriot’s President, Tyler Needham.

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, has become a common term during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  America has discovered that most of its PPE and other critical medical supplies, such as antibiotics and other medicines, are manufactured in foreign countries.  Exporting our medical supply chain overseas has now been shown to be highly problematic in times of pandemics, wars and other national crisis, as shortages of PPE and other critical medical supplies have put Americans at risk, especially front-line healthcare workers and first responders.  New American companies such as Patriot Medical Devices are forming to correct the strategic error of shipping our medical supply chain oversees.  “We formed Patriot Medical Devices to rebuild America’s medical supply chain and to reduce our country’s dependence on foreign imports in order to ensure the health and safety of all Americans.  We also want to create new domestic manufacturing jobs here in Missouri to stimulate the U.S. economy, and to hire veterans as an expression of our thanks for their sacrifice.  We chose Cape Girardeau, Missouri, for our factory location because of its business-friendly environment and commitment to both education, through Southeast Missouri State University, and healthcare, through our local hospitals, Saint Francis Healthcare System and Southeast Health,” said Patriot CEO, Rick Needham.

Patriot Medical opened its state-of-the-art factory in Cape Girardeau in August and is now manufacturing 3-ply disposable face masks in Missouri with American-made materials.  Patriot has a 12-person team today, but is interviewing for 9 additional workers and will further expand its workforce as it expands its production volume.  Mask customers include hospitals, doctors, governmental agencies, businesses, churches and individuals.  Patriot plans to manufacture additional PPE, with N95 masks being next on its list.  You can learn more about Patriot Medical Devices by visiting their website at or following them on Instagram at

For more information, please contact Rick Needham at (949) 683-4804 or